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Mini Lady & Mini Lord

Mini Lady & Mini Lord are Brazilian brands created in 2012 focused on producing high quality knitting clothes for babies and kids.

Driven by their love for children and family, also with sustainability in mind, they are dedicated to making timeless and durable pieces.

Knowing the importance of preserving the environment for future generations, they are always looking for suppliers who share the same commitment to an eco-friendly production, investing in research to reduce chemical waste and increasing packaging recycling in its production chain.

Baby Boutique Ireland | Knitting Babies Nelle Nuvole Ireland
Baby Boutique Ireland | Knitting handmade Nelle Nuvole Ireland

Aaran Baby

Aaran Baby is a family-run Brazilian brand that has been working with baby fashion for over 50 years. At the beginning their knitting was produced manually. Nowadays, their production is a mix of technology and art including handmade finishing to their products such as crochet and exclusive embroidery, masterfully developed.

They proudly offer unique, impeccable and high quality products to attend the most demanding customers.

As a matter of curiosity, the brand name was inspired by the archipelago of Aran Islands, in Ireland and the beautiful knitting patterns produced there.

Laço Colorê

Laço Colorê creates unique, original and flawless hair clips and headbands for little and big girls.

Every piece is handmade in Brazil using the best materials, with attention to the smallest detail to deliver durable and charming products that delight girls and moms.

They also design exclusive pieces matching to the beautiful baby sets, carefully selected by Nelle Nuvole.

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